Children drawings included into the mural.
Children drawings included into the mural.

Risveglio, Awakening
for ActionAid Italia
Via Mecenate, Milano

“How I imagine my neighborhood, between present, past and future?” On this theme, the school children have took part of creative workshop and elaborate drawings that have been included into the mural. More about Open Space project here.

Dietro le quinte, The Backstage
2021, Piazzetta Pescheria, Teatro Verdi, Pordenone.

The mural represents two actors intent on getting ready before entering the stage.

Respiro, Breathe
Realized during the lockdown in april 2020, acrilic on wall

Mercato Vecchio
2020, Enel painted electric cabins for the project Disegnare Dialoghi, Bologna, Italy

2019, public library garden, Sacile (PN)

Gorgia da Lentini
2018, Lentini (SR) 

Badia Lost and Found asked me a mural that represents the historical-cultural identity of the city of Lentini. I painted the sophist Gorgias, an ancient Greek philosopher born right in Lentini, originally Lentinoi, a Greek colony.  I imagined him with the face of the contemporary philosopher Galimberti.